Why is EscrowLion Special in OTC and Bitcoin Escrow Transactions

By virtue of our Trust Charter, EscrowLion is considered to be de facto an escrow . We always act in an agent capacity. We will never take a principal position in any transaction to avoid any conflict of interest with the client. The primary difference between an escrow transaction and an OTC transaction is the addition of an agent or buyer/seller mandates. In the escrow process, EscrowLion acts as a neutral party to settle a trade brought forward by an agent or buyer/seller mandate. EscrowLion acts as the agent to negotiate a trade between two parties and conducts settlement.

Do you love using crypto-currencies? Do you love buying online with crypto-currency? Our job is to solve all the problems currently wrong with cryptocurrencies transactions online. EscrowLion was created so you never have to worry about being scammed or deal with lame excuses on why to not use bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a owl online.


EscrowLion Secured Funding System.

Buyers can rest knowing EscrowLion system secures funds until you receive the item or service and are happy to release funds to the seller. Sellers never need to worry about shipping goods or providing a service when using EscrowLion. Once buyer funds have been received, seller is authorized to ship goods or provide service knowing funds are secure.

Multi-signature smart contracts

EscrowLion payment solution leverages multi-signature transactions to enable reversible e-commerce payments, where a trusted third party – a trust agent – is nominated to resolve disputes and reverse payments in case of fraud. Using multi-signature ensures that the trust agent never has full control over the funds and cannot take them to himself. In addition, when everything goes well, the funds can be released with no intervention by the trust agent.

Machinery Escrow

Securely Buy and Sell Machineries Online.

Cryptocurrency Escrow

There's always a risk factor trading crypto online. Securely Buy and Sell Cryptocurrnecies Online.

Jewelries, Gold Bars and Watches Escrow

With EscrowLion you can Easily Buy and Sell Jewelries, Gold Bars and Watches Online.

Crypto Currency Escrow in 4 Steps

STEP 1 - Either the buyer or seller begins the transaction. After registering at escrowlion.com. All parties agrees to the terms and conditions of the transaction.

STEP 2 - The Buyer send payment to EscrowLion using any of our accepted payment methods. EscrowLion verifies the payment, the Seller is notified that funds have been secured.

STEP 3 -Seller Ships To Buyer Upon payment verification, Seller is authorised to send the merchandise. EscrowLion verifies that the Buyer receives the merchandise

STEP 4 - The Buyer has a set number of days to inspect the merchandise and the option to accept or reject it. Upon Buyer Verification. EscrowLion.com releases the funds to the Seller.


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